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Islam (Stone Bath) Persia
A traditional hammam bath modeled after the inner courtyard of a Mosque. A bath with Persian motifs from the palace at Persepolis. Adjoined by a rest corner
Bali All-Cypress Bath
This space, which is styled after Bali Island, is the perfect image of an Asian resort. In Japan, a cypress bath is the height of elegance. Get the feeling that you are a lord or a princess, and relax in a dignified manner.
Japanese Outdoor Bath
Yamazato-no Yu
Japanese Outdoor Bath
Keiryu-no Yu
Two baths, one a barrel made of Japanese cedar, the other a square bath made from umbrella pine, are evocative of the secret hot springs of mountain hamlets in the deep forest. The murmuring of the river is soothing. Choose from temperatures, hot, medium, and tepid.
Nihon(Lounge) Dr. SPA
A Japanese-style calming rest zone surrounded by bamboo trees. Pursue healing and beauty using of state-of-the-art technologies at the spa of the near future! Three different baths employ oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide to help keep your body clean and beautiful!

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