SPAPOO Swimming Area

[8F] Spapoo Kids (Kid's Pool)

Spapoo Kids (Kid's Pool)*1 day all-you-can-slide: 700 yen / for children 90 cm tall and over
SPAPOO KID'S Free Entrance *in addition to Spa World entrance fee

Only elementary-aged children and younger, along with their guardians, are allowed in the kids area. Customers older than that may not enter by themselves.

[8F]Amusement Pool

Amusement Pool

A huge amusement pool full of fun aquatic playground equipment, such as our formidable waterslides.

The Three Big Slides


    Get in the red box 10 meters up, and then wait for the countdown. The bottom of the box will open up and let you fall, and the momentum sends you around a loop!

    *Weight: 40-100 kg

    I side per pereson : 350 yen
  • Uzu Uzu Bam
    Uzu Uzu Bam

    Slide into a 12 m diameter whirlpool from 10 meters up!

    *must be 115 cm or taller

    I side per pereson : 350 yen
  • Zoku Zoku Bam
    Zoku Zoku Bam

    A tall and steep 70 degree angle slide! And to top it off, you slide down backwards!!

    *must be 115 cm or taller
    *For 2 people to slide together,
    the difference in their weights must not exceed 40 kg

    I side per pereson : 350 yen

[8F]Bade Zone

  • Panoramic Family Bath
    Panoramic Family Bath
  • Round Pool
    Round Pool

Bath with a view

A Jacuzzi-style bath that both men and women can enjoy in their swimming suits while looking out over Tsuutenkaku.

Spapoo Kids & Amusement Pool & Bade Zone

  • Swimsuit Rental 600yen (Men size M to 4L, Women size 7 to 17, Children size 90cm to 150cm)
  • Tube Rental 750yen
  • All Free pass 1,500yen (Unlimited rides on DEATH LOOP And UzuUzu Bam And ZokuZoku Bam)
  • Free pass 1,000yen (Unlimited rides on UzuUzu Bam And ZokuZoku Bam)