2017.04.21 Renewal Open!!

[8F] Spapoo Kids (Kid's Pool)

SPAPOO KID'S Free Entrance *in addition to Spa World entrance fee

Only elementary-aged children and younger, along with their guardians, are allowed in the kids area. Customers older than that may not enter by themselves.

[8F]Amusement Pool

Amusement Pool

A huge amusement pool full of fun aquatic playground equipment, such as our formidable waterslides.

The Two Big Slides

  • Panic Tornado
    Panic Tornado

    Thrill and excitement that runs while rotating the darkness of 150 m in full speed at high speed.
    In the sphere, a severe shake of height difference MAX 2 m attacks you.
    Please enjoy the experiences of impact that you can experience with spa pu only.

    * This attraction is for 2 to 3 people only. Also, there may be a case that we ask you to change the number due to safety reason.
    * Weight are limited to 180kg or under in total when group of 2 to 3 people are to ride.
    * Height must be higher than 115cm.
    * Camera, mobile phones, glasses, accessories, tube, shoes, towels or likes must be put off.
    * The instruction of our stuff must be respected and followed. Otherwise, we cannot take any responsibility for any injuries or damages to swimwear.

    500 JPY
    *1 day pass 1,500 JPY
  • zoku-zokuzoku burn led
    zoku-zokuzoku burn led

    Popular! That "Pinnacle Burn" got renewed with LEDs
    When passing through the illusion world where the light is colored, a huge slope emerges! It is! Slide and climb and fall down! Is it?
    We will deliver a thrill of 70 degrees inclination and a touching experience.

    *Limited to those of height 115 cm or more.
    Weight difference is limited to 40 Kg only when using it with two people.

    500 JPY
    *1 day pass 1,500 JPY

[8F]Bade Zone

  • Panoramic Family Bath
    Panoramic Family Bath
  • Round Pool
    Round Pool

Bath with a view

A Jacuzzi-style bath that both men and women can enjoy in their swimming suits while looking out over Tsuutenkaku.

Spapoo Kids & Amusement Pool & Bade Zone

  • Swimsuit Rental 600yen (Men size M to 4L, Women size 7 to 17, Children size 90cm to 150cm)
  • Tube Rental 750yen
  • All Free pass 1,500yen (Unlimited rides on DEATH LOOP And UzuUzu Bam And ZokuZoku Bam)
  • Free pass 1,000yen (Unlimited rides on UzuUzu Bam And ZokuZoku Bam)