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The Ganban-Yoku Stone Saunas



Seki On Gu Warm Stone Palace
A romantic space with the theme of "sunbathing in a HAMMAM (Public Bath)". Huge globes stand among them with the day and night light alternating regularly. In day mode, you can bathe in artificial sunlight with synthetic vitamin D and hormonal effects. In night mode, a bright starry sky shines on the ceiling.



En Netsu Gu Hot Salt Palace
The mysterious floating feeling in the "Dead Sea of Israel" is attractive. A beauty and health effect that combines the warmth of white rock salts (a rare and rich mineral), the color therapy effect of lighting that changes to seven colors, and the gentle aroma scent to create an exquisite experience.



Laku Netsu Gu Hot Passion Palace
Powerful far-infrared rays emanating from a furnace made from a special ceramic of the same composition as the pyramid stones to warm the body from the core. In addition, please feel free to experience "Loyly", entertainment that combines immersive 3D sound and stage lighting.



Kou Dan Gu Warm Ore Palace
A radium bath with the theme of "Austrian Tunnel". It uses the precious ore of Bad Gastein, which is known as the best radon bath (radium bath) therapy in the world. Lying on the "Tepidarium bed" that has the same 38°C temperature of a human body, helps build up resistance and gives the body a complete relaxing effect.



Yaku Netsu Gu Hot Herbal Palace
Reproduced a bathe space of "Jjimjilbang (Korean sauna)". The entire floor is covered with lava ore known for its detoxifying effect. The thermal radiation and far-infrared rays emitted by the ore can help the entire body sweat while enjoying a relaxing experience surrounded by tourmaline.



Kou Jo Gu Fragrance Steam Palace
The "Russian Banya(sauna)" bath space uses a large number of top-grade natural wood giving an air-filled smell of nature. The stove is copied from the traditional "Pechka (Russian stove and oven)" which can automatically convert the poured water into steam, thereby promoting perspiration and metabolism.



Lei Fu Gu Cold Air Palace
"Cold air bath" with the theme of "Iceland" for cooling down with plasma clusters. After bathing in Ganban-Yoku, this procedure is repeated several times, alternating between hot and cold, to balance the autonomic nerves and helping relax muscles and joints.



Shin On Gu Warm Forest Palace
A relaxing "Canadian Forest" theme. Lie on an electric lounge chair with a TV, breathing in the high concentration of oxygen released in the air to achieve deeper relaxation. Also, at least 11,000 manga books available. Get a complete relaxation from body to mind here.